The Latest Ruling In the Massachusetts Crime Lab Scandal

Here is an update of the Massachusetts Crime Lab Scandal:
• In June, 2011, allegations of misconduct at the William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute in Jamaica Plain (Hinton drug lab) surfaced regarding work performed by Annie Dookhan, a chemist who had been employed in the forensic drug laboratory since November 2003.
• Following an internal review, the Department of Public Health launched a formal investigation of the matter in December, 2011. The investigation concluded that “Dookhan failed to follow [Hinton drug l]ab protocols for the transfer and documentation of samples for testing, and subsequently created a false record of said transfers.”
• After being placed on paid administrative leave, Dookhan resigned from her position, effective March 9, 2012.
• A more extensive investigation of the Hinton drug lab was initiated in August, 2012, by the State police. As a result of this investigation, it has been alleged that, among other things, Dookhan deliberately and repeatedly falsified drug testing results, tampered with evidence, and forged signatures on documents.
• Although the full scope of Dookhan’s purported misconduct is not yet known, it has been estimated conservatively that, during her tenure, Dookhan worked on at least 34,000 cases. The investigation of misconduct at the Hinton drug lab remains ongoing.
Read the latest ruling by clicking here:

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