How Much Probation Can They Give Me?

The amount of probation a person can receive for an Arizona criminal conviction is one of the questions I am most frequently asked.  Thus, I have put together the following table.  The table is based upon Arizona Revised Statute §13-902.  Here it is:
Probation Table
Remember that the above probation terms are the maximum and are for general crimes.  The sentencing court can certainly give a substantially shorter term of probation.  Moreover, even if a maximum term of probation is initially given, the court has the discretion to terminate probation early.
Some felony convictions, regardless of class, have special lengths of probation pursuant to statute.  For example, for Arizona DUI convictions, or Arizona Extreme DUI, the maximum term of probation is five years; And for a conviction of an aggravated DUI offense pursuant to §28-1383, up to ten years. A.R.S. §13-902(B).
Persons with outstanding restitution payments are subject to an extension in their probationary period of up to five years for a felony and up to two years for a misdemeanor.
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